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Reasons to choose Magfit

NO.1 Convenient assembly and disassembly, accurate fixation

The special magnet specially developed for dentures will prevent the dentures from falling off and loosening.

Moreover, the structure is simple, no springs and complicated devices, etc., can be easily installed and disassembled, and maintenance is also very convenient.

NO.2 Continuous and stable comfort

For general dentures, the more times they are assembled and disassembled, the less comfortable they feel, and the dentures will shake and become unstable in the mouth.

As for our Magfit denture, no matter how many times it is assembled or disassembled, the magnetic force will basically not change. Because it is a magnet-type denture, the comfort can be maintained continuously.

NO.3 Less burden on tooth root

Ordinary dentures are strongly fixed to the tooth roots through complex devices, and strong rotational force will cause damage to the base, which will damage the tooth roots.

Magnet-style dentures, if excessive rotational force is added, the magnets will temporarily shift and then return to the original position naturally, which can reduce the burden on the tooth roots.

The most important thing is safety!

Magnet dentures have always had safety issues such as rust.

However, the Aichi Steel Group uses stainless steel welding technology to develop corrosion-resistant magnetic dentures that have entered the medical market widely.

2.5 million sold worldwide

Since 1995, it has been loved by people all over the world, centered on Japan

So far, it has sold 2.5 million units