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  • 2020.12.29

    What is the function of the magnet on the motor?

    If the motor magnet is determined to be a magnet, then this chip may be a Hall switch. If it is not a magnet, the chip may also be a photoelectric switch or the like. The combination of the magnet and

  • 2020.12.29

    Magnet on car license plate

    If you carefully observe the details of your life, then you will find that there are often magnets on car license plates that can be seen everywhere on the street. Its presence here is usually to make

  • 2020.12.29

    Long magnetism on magnet

    The magnetism possessed by a magnet can actually be called a permanent magnet. It has a very high coercivity and its own magnetic force is quite stable when it is working. Even if the natural environm

  • 2020.12.29

    China's medical superconducting magnet technology is moving towards high-end 3.0T

    The world's first 3.0T/850 nuclear magnetic resonance molecular imaging superconducting magnet prototype independently developed by Weifang Xinli Superconducting Magnetoelectric Technology Co., Lt

Magfine?, MI sensors, Dental magnetic attachments and TetsuRiki Agri/Aqua

Aichi Magfine Technology (Pinghu) Co., Ltd. was established in November 2012,which is located at No. 588 Xinghe Road, Economic Development Zone, Pinghu City, Zhejiang Province. It is mainly engaged in anisotropic magnets called Magfine?, MI sensors, dental magnetic attachments and TetsuRiki Agri/Aqua.